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We are an independent venture comprised of the brightest minds in the channel industry and web solutions space. Our team of channel development consultants and web engineers has been serving both enterprise and SMB technology companies with fully customizable channel management solutions since 2003.

Our core platform makes channel management as easy as possible for both you and your partners to increase sales productivity. Our mission is to deliver the tools, access to expertise and interoperability with other systems that will create more effective channel relationships, optimize channel operations and create value for our customers and their partners.

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1920 Abbott Street, Suite 303
Charlotte, NC
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Partner Portal Solution
In a word, Control. The Partner Dashboard is the Channel Manager's control center. You cannot control what you cannot measure you cannot measure what you cannot see. The Dashboard gives you complete visibility into partner's profiles and contracts, the partner recruitment pipeline and partner performance so you can manage your channel objectively and efficiently. Eliminate disconnected spreadsheets, word documents and cluttered main drive files you use today to manage your partner information. Get visibility and gain control of your channel success.
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Zach Smith
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