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IMIGpro is a production house out of Charlotte NC, that utilizes its many talented employees to produce works that creatively expresses the messages of our customers. We use film, graphics, and motion graphics, as our mediums of sharing information and stories. We believe that we are storytellers of the modern age, storytellers who use multiple forms of communication to speak to our customers audience. As technology evolves, so does the way we share and consume information. 

At IMIGpro we believe in not just using technologically advanced methods, but bringing that technology to life through good storytelling. We want to tell your story and we want it to be told well. To call ourselves a video production company would be selling you short of our capabilities and your products potential.
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Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, serving customers all over the globe!
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2848-J Queen City Dr.
Charlotte, NC
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Video Production
IMIGpro is a full service video production company based in Charlotte, NC. Proudly offering a variety of digital media services, including corporate / promotional video production, editing, motion design, and more. Visit our website to see featured videos and learn more about our service offerings.
Studio Rental
We are now offering studio space for your photography, video, or film needs.

Space includes white cyc wall and solid “video flat black” wall. Our facility also has his/her restrooms, kitchenette, “green room” area and Conference Room.
Key People
Russel DeShields
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